Analysis of hot expansion and cold contraction of chain plate conveyor and its operation skills

Chain plate conveyor in use is very vulnerable to the impact of thermal expansion and contraction, but this is unavoidable, so the next to explain the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction of chain plate conveyor and some operation skills, I hope to help you.

(1) the chain plate conveyor on the chain plate in use by the tension should not be too large, should not slip with the transmission gear and material point is not excessive sag under the premise of ensuring the work under small initial tension.

(2) in the same machine shall not be different types, different specifications of stainless steel chain plate connected together.

(3) The general requirements of the chain plate conveyor empty machine to start, so as to avoid motor overload and stainless steel chain plate slip; Before stopping, except under special circumstances, the material on the stainless steel chain plate should be completely unloaded.

(4) the boot sequence is first open after a chain plate conveyor (unloading stainless steel chain plate), and then in order to open forward, after opening the material chain plate conveyor. The stop sequence is opposite to the start sequence.


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