What is the weaving process of metal mesh belt?

Metal mesh belt is the use of static friction method, friction driven continuous way to achieve the purpose of transporting materials a conveyor belt, can do metal and engineering plastic material, both sides can do the chain or direct mesh belt conveyor structure. Metal mesh belt conveyor chains of various strengths have a series of different chain pitch: The smaller chain pitch depends on the strength required by the sprocket teeth, while the larger chain pitch is usually determined by the rigidity of the chain plate and the general chain. If necessary, the larger chain pitch can be exceeded by strengthening the sleeve between the chain plates, but must be left in the teeth to clear the sleeve gap.

Metal mesh belt with wire preparation of the net belt as the carrier, on both sides of the chain with the middle pin connection, the sprocket drive chain so that the net belt along the chain transmission direction and movement; Can directly use of special rubber roller to directly drive the drive, the former is generally applicable to the material weight heavier and longer length delivery form, used in cool, dry, and other industries require delivery, so thin mesh belt density, which typically USES a relatively dense mesh belt, or used for material conveying interval shorter and smaller or special delivery of the object, For example, the transport of drying materials such as tea. Each bearing of the metal mesh belt includes a pin shaft and a sleeve on which the roller of the chain rotates. The pin shaft and sleeve are surface-hardened, allowing them to be hinged together at higher pressures and to withstand the load pressure and impact of engagement transmitted through the roller. Net belt conveyor structure form: according to the driving mode can be divided into power drum line and no power drum line, according to the layout form can be divided into horizontal conveying drum line, inclined conveying drum line and turning drum line. Also according to customer requirements special design.

The composition of metal mesh belt is a metal wire braided welded together, and part is divided into the wire like wearing a wire, wire is out of the machine via the web production and become, through the rotation of the rotation of the motor drive the toolings, will wire around on the dynamic model, through the rotation of the extrusion between fixed mode, and generate the mesh belt pitch and pitch, so as to complete the production of wire. And wire threading is by the upper and lower two wrong teeth of the gear turn, the straight wire is pressed into a wave shape, with the pitch around the wire, and then woven into a net belt style, both sides through argon arc welding completed after molding.

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