Analysis of tensile strength of dryer belt

Dryer mesh belt in the overall planning of the stiffness calculation, as usual is according to the work of a large static bearing force, to select the method of characteristics, and then remember the damage of other elements. The dryer mesh belt tensile strength of the important injury factors are as follows. The static bearing force is the guarantee of the bearing force in the stable work of dryer net belt.
    When the conveyor belt is homogenous tension inside, the tensile stress caused by static bearing force is evenly distributed on the conveyor belt section, and the work of the conveyor belt will cause the replacement of tensile stress, which is the basis for selecting the belt strength.
    The whole process of the braking system is an unstable whole process. The speed, acceleration, bearing force and disturbance of the simple harmonic motion have dynamic characteristics.
Additional stress field The additional stress field of the conveyor belt includes the additional stress field caused by the bending section and the horizontal bending section in the vertical plane design drawing according to the additional stress field of the transition section.
    In the overall planning, only the appropriate choice of drum diameter, butt buffer roller spacing and modeling design, the radius of the dryer belt bending section, can reduce this kind of additional stress field. There is also a controller barrel because of the production error or bonding coal powder, resulting in radius change, will also lead to the transmission belt stress field began to spread.

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