What are the important components of stainless steel mesh belt

The stainless steel mesh belt is woven from stainless steel wires. The quality of the stainless steel cable directly affects the quality of the stainless steel mesh belt. A good stainless steel wire is a chromium-nickel stainless steel composed of chromium and nickel, which is a good stainless steel. For example, the commonly used 304 material of our food mesh belt is Cr18Ni9 stainless steel. A large amount of nickel is added to this type of stainless steel to obtain a unique austenitic structure, thereby improving its corrosion resistance and manufacturability. It has great plasticity and toughness at normal temperature and low temperature, non-magnetic, and good resistance to intergranular corrosion.

(1) Chromium plays an important role in the corrosion resistance of stainless steel

Chromium is the main element that determines the corrosion resistance of stainless steel mesh belts, because the chromium in the steel will passivate the stainless steel in the oxidizing medium, that is, a very thin film is formed on the surface, and the chromium is enriched in this film. The higher the chromium content, the higher the corrosion resistance. In addition, chromium can play a very important role in strengthening the mechanical and technological properties of steel.

(2) The influence of nickel on stainless steel

Only with chromium can you fully express yourself. Nickel is an alloying element that forms austenite. When nickel is used in combination with chromium, the metallographic structure can be transformed from single-phase ferrite to austenite and dual-phase ferrite. The strength can be improved after heat treatment. Stainless steel mesh belt has higher corrosion resistance and good deformation performance.

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