How to solve the problem of pile chain during operation of chain conveyor?

How to solve the problem of pile chain during operation of chain conveyor?
1. If you push the chain belt to bite the rail, adjust it immediately. After turning off the operation and the speed of the machine is slowing down, adjust the volume of the Buchner funnel to avoid the situation of material loss.
2. If the polyester conveyor chain plate is used and the material is blocked, the switching power supply circuit should be disconnected immediately to terminate the operation of the chain plate conveyor, otherwise the Buchner funnel at the top of the head will block the broken transmission chain.
3. When the chain conveyor is running, check whether the drive chain is too long. If this situation occurs, the chain elevator should be stopped immediately to adjust the top tensioning equipment of the chain conveyor.

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The material of the chain plate conveyor: can be divided into carbon steel, stainless steel plate, and thermoplastic chain. If the required product needs, choose transmission chains with different overall widths and different designs to meet the requirements of advance admission of the plan, turning, raising, and landing of the plan. The structure methods of the chain conveyor include: horizontal parallel line advance admission, advance uphill advance admission, etc., and the advance admission belt can be equipped with improved partitions and side partitions. Use of chain conveyor: It is widely used in advance admission of mineral water bottles, aluminum bottles, cosmetics, food and other fields. After using different conveyor belts, it can be manufactured into bottle storage platforms, bucket elevators, and sterilization equipment. , Fruit and vegetable washing machine, cold bottle machine and early admission of meat and other fields --- machinery and equipment.
Before installing the chain conveyor, carefully check the installation specifications of the industrial plant, roadbed or solitary pavilion hole and the bucket elevator at the installation address, and pay particular attention to whether the driver equipment is installed on the bucket elevator (left or right) Comply with the design drawing regulations. If it is found that the specific specifications are not in conformity with the specifications of the design plan, the specific specifications shall be tested and changes shall be made to ensure the quality of installation. Before installation, prepare the necessary special tools and raw materials for installation.